Cancellation Policy

Cancellation window is from the 1st-15th for the month ahead, no cancellation requests will be processed outside of this window.  For example, if you are cancelling for May, April 15th is the deadline.  If you pass this date, your request will process for the month of June instead of May.  There are two ways to cancel your membership, and neither require you to come into the facility:

Option 1: Log into your portal at and press the cancellation button between the 1st-15th.


Option 2: Send an email to between the 1st-15th


If an account breaks the cancellation policy (account shut off, payment not made for last month, etc), the account will go into default.  Any account that is terminated due to default will have a minimum suspension of 1 year from the facility and a resignup fee of no less then $100 for any future signups.  If your account is terminated in good standing, there will never be a resignup fee for future signups.


* If a chargeback occurs on your account toward the facility, the following will happen to the members involved:

-Immediate Termination

-Ban from the facility as member or guest ($500 Signup fee to terminate the ban)